Introduction to Linear Algebra with MATLAB

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Course Overview(Preview)

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Course Outline Solving Systems of Linear Equations Identify linear equations, solve systems of linear equations, and explore cases with no solution or infinite solutions.   Eignenvalue Decomposition Graphically explore eigenvectors

Linear Equations and Systems(Preview)

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What Makes an Equation Linear?  All equations can be classified as either linear or nonlinear.   Linear Equations A linear equation has only two types of terms: constants, and variables

Preparing Systems(Preview)

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Review: Matrix-Vector Multiplication Matrix Dimensions [huge_it_slider id="79 "]   Example of Matrix-Vector Multiplication     [huge_it_slider id="80 "]         Multiplication with Vector of Variables Matrix multiplication is

The Backslash Operator(Preview)

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Plot and Solve a System of Linear Equations Task 1  In this activity, you will find the point in intersection between two lines: y=6−x y=2+3x Use the linspace function to


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Special Cases All the systems of equations shown so far have had the same number of equations as unknowns. This means the coefficient matrix A is square. Also, solving them

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a Matrix(Preview)

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What are Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors?  A matrix can be represented by its eigenvalues and eigenvectors. This representation is called the eigenvalue decomposition. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors come in sets. The key