Introduction to Statistical Methods with MATLAB

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Course Overview(Preview)

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Course Outline Exploring Data Visualize data sets, calculate descriptive group statistics, and explore data distributions.   Fitting a Curve to Data Perform linear and nonlinear regression to fit a curve

Visualizing Data Sets(Preview)

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Before trying to perform calculations or draw conclusions from data, it is helpful to get a qualitative feel for the data. Visualization is often a useful method when beginning to

Measures of Centrality and Spread(Preview)

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Measures of Centrality From the histograms of height data shown to the right, it appears that women’s heights are centered on approximately 160 cm, whereasmen’s heights are centered on approximately


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Histograms and Data Distributions  A histogram can give a qualitative feel for the shape of a data set. The exact shape of the distribution is given by the distribution’s probability

Review – Exploring Data(Preview)

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Visualizing Data histogram Bar plot of frequencies of data values. boxplot   Box-and-whisker plot based on median and quartiles. scatter  Plot relationship between two variables. Measures of Centrality and Spread Mean

Linear Regression(Preview)

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Suppose you suspect there is a relationship between two variables, x and y. The simplest relationship (and the one you can usually assume as a starting point) is that of a straight line,or y=ax+b.

Evaluating Goodness of Fit(Preview)

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How Well Does the Curve Fit the Data?  There are many ways of evaluating the quality of a fit. The fit function returns information on the quality of the fit

Nonlinear Regression(Preview)

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Linear vs. Nonlinear Linear regression can fit a nonlinear curve to the data, as long as the model is linear in the coefficients, or parameters. For example, fitting a cubic

Review – Fitting a Curve to Data(Preview)

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Linear and Nonlinear Regression The fit function can perform linear or nonlinear regression. Linear regression is when the model is linear in the parameters. For example: Y=p1x3+p2x2+p3x+p4 Otherwise, the regression is

Nonlinear Interpolation(Preview)

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Additional Interpolation Methods  Linear interpolation gives a simple, continuous interpolant, but it may not be appropriate for all data sets. The interp1 function allows for a fourth input to specify

Review – Interpolation(Preview)

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Summary: Interpolating Data   Interpolation Methods for interp1 method Interpolation method used 'linear' [Default] Linear interpolation. 'spline' Cubic spline interpolation. 'pchip' Cubic polynomial interpolation preserving increasing/decreasing property of data. 'next'