Solving Nonlinear Equations with MATLAB

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Course Overview

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Course Outline What is Root Finding? Define the root of a function and how finding a root relates to solving an equation.   Finding a Root: The Bisection Method Implement

The Roots of a Function(Preview)

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What is a Root? A root is any value of x which makes the function f(x) equal to zero. Graphically, a root can be thought of as where f(x) crosses the x-axis. Locating a root of

Visualizing Roots(Preview)

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Estimating Roots Graphically  Looking at a plot is the easiest way to approximate a root's location. In fact, to use most numerical root finding algorithms, you will need to provide

Selecting Brackets for a Root(Preview)

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Where to Look for Roots   So far, you have estimated roots by plotting the function and visually locating the root. Numerical root finding methods can't visually locate a root;

The Bisection Method Algorithm(Preview)

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The bisection method is a simple and robust root finding algorithm. Like all numerical root finding algorithms, the method starts with an initial guess and refines it until the root

MATLAB Root Finding Functions(Preview)

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The fzero function is a built-in MATLAB function for solving nonlinear equations. fzero uses a combination of root finding methods, including the bisection method. Like the bisection method, fzero needs

Anonymous Functions(Preview)

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 An anonymous function is a way to define a simple function and store it as a variable in the workspace.     This syntax creates an anonymous function. The variable

The fzero Function(Preview)

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Using a MATLAB Root Finding Function    The fzero function takes a function handle and an interval as inputs, and returns exactly one root in the interval.   Find a

Finding Multiple Roots(Preview)

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Functions with Multiple Roots Sometimes a function has more than one root. fzero does not find all roots in an interval. If a set of brackets contains more than one

Review – The fzero Function(Preview)

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   fzero  Function Syntax Finding Multiple Roots The fzero function returns one root in the interval x0. You can use fzero to find multiple roots of a function, but you