Solving Ordinary Differential Equations with MATLAB

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Course Overview

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Course Outline What is an Ordinary Differential Equation? Introduce differential equations, and what it means to find a solution.   Solving ODEs Numerically Use MATLAB ODE solvers to find and

Course Example – The Shuttle Launch

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The Shuttle Launch Here's an example of an application of the math discussed in this course. What could you do if you wanted to estimate the velocity of the space

Introducing the Differential Equation

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Imagine you could take pictures of a shuttle launch infinitely fast, so you could measure its height at any time and use the ratio to approximate its velocity. As you take

Solutions to Differential Equations

Length: 3 minutesAuthor: adminComplexity: Standard

Space Shuttle Ballistic Trajectory   Let's return to the problem of finding the velocity of the space shuttle. If the shuttle followed a ballistic trajectory (that is, like a ball

Using MATLAB ODE Solvers

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Reference: MATLAB ODE Solver Syntax Calling ode45 and Interpreting the Outputs In this interaction, you'll solve the differential equation dy/dt=sin(t) from t=0 to t=4π with the initial condition y(0)=0. You will use the ode45 function and interpret

Writing ODE Functions

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The Structure of an ODE Function    The ODE function is a MATLAB function that represents the ODE for use in a MATLAB ODE solver, like ode45. The ODE function

Obtaining a General Solution Structure

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ODE Solution Structures   Typically, ode45 produces two output variables: a vector for the independent variable and a vector of the corresponding dependent variable. What if you want to know

Review – Solving ODEs Numerically

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 MATLAB ODE Solver Syntax   ode45 with two outputs ode45 with one output Structure of an ODE function   The ODE function is a MATLAB function that represents the ODE