MATLAB Root Finding Functions (Preview)

The fzero function is a built-in MATLAB function for solving nonlinear equations. fzero uses a combination of root finding methods, including the bisection method.

Like the bisection method, fzero needs two things to find a root.

  1. a function

  2. an interval bracketing the desired root

In the bisection method example, the function was coded inside the algorithm.





For fzero , thefunctin must be passed as an input to fzero  using a function handle.


In this chapter, you will learn to create anonymous function handles, pass the function handle and brackets to fzero to find a root, and adapt the process to find multiple roots.

Additional Root Finding Functions


The fzero function is a broadly applicable MATLAB root finding function. Other MATLAB functions are available for particular root finding problems.

roots Find the roots of a polynomial.

 fsolve Solve a system of nonlinear equations.

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